Privacy Policy

Our policy aims to outline our commitment towards the privacy of all our customers.

We hope that this information will be found helpful in providing a clear understanding as to how we collect, use, communicate, and disclose both personally identifiable information (information you provide to us at some point: name, email address, etc.), as well as information that is not considered personally identifiable (information that is collected through typical means of browsing our web properties: browser information, etc.).

A brief overview of our policy details can be summarised as follows, a more thorough description is provided after:

  • Typically, you are in control of what information you provide to us
  • Either before, or at the time of collecting personally identifiable information, we will always identify what information we intend to collect, along with what we are going to do with that information.
  • Such information will be collected by means that are lawful and fair.
  • Any personal information we collect will be used for the sole objective of fulfilling the purpose that has been stated to you, unless required by law.
  • Personal information that is received will only be retained for the amount of time that is required to fulfill the intended purpose we have mentioned, unless required by law.
  • We always protect personal information we have received by reasonable security and safeguards against loss, theft, unauthorised access, disclosure, duplication, misuse or unauthorised modification.
  • We will not sell or disclose your personal information to unaffiliated third parties.
  • Our website properties may have links to external websites that are not within our management or control. To further explain, these types of links are typically useful resources that are provided to clients for a specific and obvious purpose. Such external websites have their own privacy policies that we are not in control of and are not included within our privacy policy.

What information do you collect when I browse your website?

Great question. When you browse our websites (either our public site or any private client area) some information is sent to you, and some is automatically received by you. This type of information is typically sent and received to benefit you. The information we receive from you is not personally identifiable unless you provide it along with your expressed or implied permission. Here is a look at what we are talking about:

Automatically Transmitted Browser Data (Information you send us)

Most browsers will automatically send information to us when and while you are browsing our website. For example, we may receive the name of the website you came to our site from, as well as the name of the website you leave our website to go to. This classification of information may also include the IP address that you utilised to access our website and/or the Internet, this may also therefore include your ISP (internet service provider) name, web browser type (Example: Internet Explorer, Chrome), type of mobile device (Example: iPhone, Android), and computer operating system (Example: Windows, Linux, OSX). Such information is utilised to ensure that our website is accessible (and optimised) for the myriad of devices, browsers, and operating systems that exist.

Cookies (Tiny amount of data, stored on your computer or device)

We periodically utilise Cookies to identify your navigation throughout our website. This harmless data allows us to better assist (and possibly customise) your browsing experience of our website. Please note that we will NEVER place any personally identifiable information within our Cookies. This practice is extremely common for website operators and is intended to help viewers and browsers. If you are not comfortable sharing such information with us, most web-browsers are equipped with an ability to disable the use of Cookies. If you do disable Cookies, please be aware that web-site behavior may be affected, some areas of the website may behave differently or be unresponsive.

Basic and Routine Log Data

As typically done by any cloud provider, we collect information; this information is then stored in logs that we secure and retain through reasonable measures.

Examples of what information we store in our log includes: date, time, Internet Protocol (IP) address used to access websites, browser types, browser versions, and information pertaining to what specific pages or parts of our site that were accessed during a visit.

Website and User Experience Improvements

We constantly strive to improve the experience we provide to users, we share a goal of making our site valuable to you. We periodically use certain information we collect in order to analyse and make improvements to our websites for the benefit of our users.

We do NOT nor will be EVER supply information to any third party without your explicit approval.

We will not sell, rent, or otherwise provide your information to any unaffiliated third party, for any reason. For the purpose of running a functional business and providing you services, we may securely share information you have provided to us to affiliated service providers of ours on situational and specific purposes (for example, processing your payment to us through our payment processors). Please note that no extra information is provided to such affiliated service providers, only information that is required and relevant to the situational transaction. Such affiliated third parties are bound by confidentiality agreements that limit their use of any information that has been provided to them during such transactional situations.

Legal Compliance: Releases of Information (Subpoenas etc.)

Similar to any other hosting provider in Australia and abroad, we do have to comply with law enforcement when it is a requirement, such as if or when: (a) required by subpoena, law, or other legal process; (b) necessary to assist law enforcement officials or government enforcement agencies; (c) necessary to investigate violations (d) necessary to protect us from legal action or claims from third parties; or (e) necessary to protect the legal rights, personal and real property as well as personal safety of our clients, employees, and affiliates. In such events, information that is provided to satisfy our legal obligations may include personally identifiable information if it is included within the request.

How to increase security of your private information

Your privacy is as important to us, as it likely is to you. Please be advised that, in general, there is no guarantee of security with information that is transmitted or stored over the internet. We invest and implement best-practice methodologies on an ongoing basis. It is important to exercise judgement when providing or storing information. Your personally identifiable information is always stored within a secured database that is accessed by advanced encrypted SSL when supported by your web browser. As a general rule of thumb, it is best practice and recommended that you always consider what information you send over electronic means.

Updates to our Privacy Policy

Periodically, we may implement a change to our privacy policy. This may be due to either a change in law, to refine an area, or to detail an important change. When our new privacy policy is released, it replaces the former policy. This page will always provide you the most up-to-date version of our privacy policy.

We are here to help

If you have any questions about our privacy policy (or if there is anything in general we can do to assist you), please contact us at – we are always happy to help!